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Digital Magazines

Over 160 magazines | no checkout limits | no holds | no expiry date

Access Zinio

Requires: SCL or FSPL card + Free account
Unlimited checkouts, keep digital issues forever
Find Zinio items in our catalogue: No
Get Started

The first time you use Zinio:

1 To set up your free account, go to SCL's Zinio Magazine Portal and click on "Create New Account" in the top right.
2 Once you've created your account, choose the magazine you want to check out, and select "Checkout"
3 Keep browsing for more magazines, or Start Reading to enjoy the magazine you just checked out!
To get more magazines:
1 For future visits, visit Strathcona County Library - Zinio Magazine Portal (or bookmark that page for easier access)
2 Add new magazines to your account from that page at any time
3 If you wish, you can read magazines only in your browser, or you can download an app to your computer and/or mobile device to read offline (see next section).

To use the app, log in with your Zinio account information to get new issues of your subscriptions automatically.

Get Apps
Zinio Reader desktop app
Download from Zinio
Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or higher
or Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Zinio apps for mobile devices
  Zinio apps can't be used to check out new magazines. Instead, visit the Zinio Magazine Portal page in your browser to check out the issue you want. Then, open the app and your new magazine will appear. (You may want to bookmark that website for easier access!)


Android 4.0.3 or higher
(includes some colour e-reader tablets such as the Kobo Arc)
Zinio app iconDownload the Zinio Library app from the Google Play Store


iOS 7.0 or higher - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Zinio app iconDownload the Zinio for Libraries app from the iTunes store

Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 Download from the Windows Store


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to put magazines on hold?

No. You can access all magazines' current issues immediately, with no waiting.

How many magazines can I check out?

There is no limit to the number of magazines you can check out. The library subscribes to over 160 titles, and you can check out as many of these as you wish.

There may be a limit to how many magazine issues you can store on a mobile device, though. Magazine files tend to be quite large so if you are loading them on a phone or tablet you may find you have to delete old issues to make space for new ones.

Do magazines expire?

No. Once you download a magazine issue, you can keep it for as long as you wish.

Can I download these digital magazines to read on my e-reader?

No. Unfortunately, Zinio digital magazines can only be loaded on devices that can run a Zinio app, which includes most smart phones and tablets, but not e-readers. Find out which services you can use with your device.

Can I access magazines on more than one device?

Yes. As long as you use the same Zinio account on all devices, you can download magazines to as many devices as you like.

Can I get back issues?

For some magazines, you can. Publishers determine whether their titles' back issues are available. Where they are available, you will see this link below the magazine cover:

Screenshot showing magazine with back issues available

Can the library subscribe to my favourite magazine?

We welcome suggestions for new titles for our digital magazine collection. However, not all magazines are available - this depends on whether the individual publisher has licensed their magazine for libraries to subscribe to this way. Also, new titles are only added once a year, so new subscriptions will not appear right away.

To suggest a magazine for our collection, please see Services - Purchase Suggestions. Make sure you specify you are making the suggestion for Zinio.

Are there more magazines available?

The library offers access to many more magazines electronically, through our databases. These magazines are not really designed for browsing, but you can use them to find specific articles from past issues or to search for articles on a particular topic. For more information, see our Research - Find Articles and More.

How big are the magazine files?

Individual magazine issues within Zinio take up between 50-200 MB of space. You may want to clear out old magazine issues from your device or computer periodically if you are short on space.

Get Help
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For help with Zinio:
Contact Zinio Support: click Help at the bottom of SCL's Zinio Magazine Portal
Stop by one of our Information Desks
Or contact us

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