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Mobile Device Basics
iPad for Beginners

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Fall 2016
Sep - Dec 2016
Registration now available Online Courses

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A hand holding an iPad

Mobile Device Basics
iPad for Beginners

SCL has ongoing iPad for Beginners classes which usually run 4-5 times per year. These classes are very popular and usually fill up. Please do put your name on a waiting list, as this helps us to gauge when more classes are needed. Thanks for your patience as we try to satisfy demand for this popular program.

Guidelines for this class

Please remember the following:

  • Don’t be afraid to try. You can’t wreck your iPad. The worst thing that could happen is you would have to reset it, and try again!
  • We are at different levels. Please be patient with the others in the class. If you are an “expert” in something, this is a good opportunity to help your neighbour!
  • Some of the things we cover may be new to you; others might be review. Please be patient with the instructors while we try to teach you what you want to learn
  • Learning new technology skills is not a requirement. It should be fun and helpful for you. Focus on the things that will make your life better!
  • Learning new technology skills takes practice and patience. Be patient with yourself, and keep trying!

Class Outline
Week 1 - Possible week 1 topics
(We may not get through all these!)

Week 1 Slides - Sep 19, 2016 class

  • Turning on/off; sleep mode vs powered off
  • Touchscreen basics
  • Buttons – what does what
       iPad buttons handout
  • Caring for your iPad – battery, screen
  • The Settings menu
       Settings Menu handout with practice
  • Wireless, 3G/4G, and airplane mode – what are they?
  • What is iOS? + iOS version
  • Browsing the web (Safari, Chrome or other browser)
       Safari basics handout
  • iPad security basics
  • Do I have an Apple ID?

Week 2 - Possible week 2 topics

Week 2 slides

  • Questions from last week related to Settings or Safari
  • What is an app?
    How to download new apps
    How to rearrange and group apps, and organize your home screens
    How to see what apps are running and unload them
    How to delete an app
    Apps & app store handout
       Practical app skills handout
  • If necessary - Typing & keyboard basics

Optional additional topics
(We will not have time to cover all these topics. We will choose based on what people are most interested in learning.)


  • Evaluations
  • 1-on-1 bookings
  • demo

Week 3 - Possible one-on-one topics
This will be up to you to decide!

  • Getting free library ebooks/eaudiobooks on the iPad (you can also sign up for this as a one-on-one at the library, anytime!)
  • Other library services to access with your iPad: Language learning (Mango Languages), online software/technology videos (, digital magazines (Zinio)
  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Topics from Week 2 that we didn’t end up covering
  • Items of individual interest
  • Questions/problems
Download Slides & Handouts


Note for other libraries
You are welcome to use any of our help resources with your own patrons, or in any way that is useful to you.

Resources & links mentioned in class

SCL Catalogue - iPad for Beginners book list (these titles also appear above) - Requires a valid library card. Type in "iPad" in the top search bar to see what iPad classes are available. The "iPad and iPhone essential training" videos are a good place to start.


For library e-books - see our Download Help - OverDrive section.

More help with iPads

Page last updated: Sep 19, 2016

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