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Mobile Device Basics
Android for Beginners

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   Android for Beginners
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A variety of Android tablets and phones

Mobile Device Basics
Android for Beginners

Guidelines for this class

Please remember the following:

  • Don’t be afraid to try. You can’t wreck your tablet. The worst thing that could happen is you would have to reset it, and try again!
  • We are at different levels. Please be patient with the others in the class. If you are an “expert” in something, this is a good opportunity to help your neighbour!
  • Our Android tablets and phones all look a little different. Don’t be afraid to hunt around and explore your device!
  • Some of the things we cover may be new to you; others might be review. Please be patient with the instructors while we try to teach you what you want to learn.
  • Learning new technology skills is not a requirement. It should be fun and helpful for you. Focus on the things that will make your life better!
  • Learning new technology skills takes practice and patience. Be patient with yourself, and keep trying!
Class Outline
Week 1 - Week 1 slides
(We may not get through all these!)
  • Welcome/Housekeeping/Introductions
  • Guidelines for Android For Beginners
    Don’t worry about writing down anything on my slides– I can either print out, or email my slides to you
  • Outline – what we will cover

Week 2 - Week 2 slides

  • Review/questions from Week 1?
  • Do I have a Google Account?
  • Browsing the web on your Android
  • Apps – moving them around and deleting them
  • Downloading apps from the Google Play Store
  • Your Home Screens – customizing them, widgets
    Handout: Week 2 skills practice

Week 3 - Week 3 slides to come

  • Phone/tablet security and privacy - Slides
  • Evaluations
  • 1-on-1 bookings
  • Downloading/bookmarking user guides

Slides and handouts from week 3 - previous classes

Possible one-on-one topics
This will be up to you to decide!

  • Getting free library ebooks/eaudiobooks on your tablet (you can also sign up for this as a one-on-one at the library, anytime!)
  • Other library services: Language learning (Mango Languages), online software/technology videos (, digital magazines (Zinio)
  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Video chatting (Skype or Google Hangouts)
  • YouTube
  • Downloading games
  • Android security – recommended apps & tips
  • Advanced web browsing
  • Advanced Google account/backing up
  • Phone features (for people w/ phones)
  • Questions arising from weeks 1 & 2
  • Items of individual interest
Resources & links mentioned in class

SCL Catalogue - Android for Beginners book list (these titles also appear above)

Note: For more helpful books, look for a book that is based on your own version of Android (4.3, 3.3, etc). You can usually find this information on the front cover.

For library e-books - see our Download Help - OverDrive section.

Learn more from button - instructional video courses on many technology topics, free with your library card!

Recommended Android courses:

  • Android Essential Training (total 3h 19m)
  • Android Phone and Tablet Security Fundamentals (2h 18m)
  • Android Tips & Tricks (1h 14m)

more info/help with

More Great Android Apps to Try

View the complete list of recommended apps

Page last updated: March 18, 2015

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