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Your Library Card - Returns

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Your Library Card - Returns
Millennium Place - Library Item Return FAQs

Customers may return their library materials to a book return housed at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park. All materials returned to this satellite book drop will be checked in the following business day back at the Central Library in the Strathcona County Community Centre.

1. Where is the book return located?

The book drop is a large silver-coloured bin with the green SCL logo on it. It is against an orange wall facing the outside doors of the east entrance of Millennium Place. It is along the wall just before you go into the teen activity area.
Millennium Place is located at 2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park.


2. What kind of library materials can be returned there?

There are two return slots on the front side of the return bin – one for DVDs and CDs, the other for print materials. If you have a large item to return such as a book club kit or a children’s kit in a large plastic container, they will not fit in the return slot and must be returned to the Central Library.

3. Will the materials be checked in right away like they are at the Central Library?

No. The materials will be picked up once a day, Monday through Friday, by the County Courier. They will be checked in the following business day at the Central Library, with a return date that reflects when the materials were returned at Millennium Place. No overdue fees will be charged for materials returned to Millennium Place on weekends or statutory holidays.

4. Can I return library materials from other libraries?

Yes. You many return materials from Fort Saskatchewan Public Library, Edmonton Public Library or other Alberta public libraries. We will forward these items to the owning library once we receive them at the Central Library.

5. What if the item return bin is full when I go to return my items?

Please notify the Millennium Place staff at the front desk and they will let library staff know about the problem. Do not leave your library materials outside the book return bin. Millennium Place staff are not responsible for your returned material. The book return is designed to hold approximately 2,600 DVDs and 1,100 books. There should not be a problem with the return bin being too full as we have daily pick up of materials.

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401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 5P7

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