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Library Elf

Want to know when your library materials are ready for pick-up or return, no matter which account they belong to?

Check out Library Elf, an online service that keeps track of your library accounts and sends you reminders via e-mail, RSS or cellphone text message! Sign-up is quick and easy. For more info, see the Elf FAQ, Elf Demo and Elf Sign Up sections of the Library Elf website.

NOTE: Library Elf is a third-party system, and is NOT managed by or affiliated with Strathcona County Library in any way. This service does require you to enter personal information, and its privacy policy is available on its website. All technical or other questions about Library Elf should be directed to the Library Elf website.

Library Elf FAQ

How does Library Elf Work?
If you or your family has multiple library cards, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the items borrowed or placed on hold. This can lead to missed holds or overdue charges. Library Elf can help!

  • A consolidated list yours or your family’s loans and holds – a one-stop-shop for all your library accounts
  • Email and/or text alerts before items are due for all library accounts
  • If you have library cards at both Strathcona County Library and Edmonton Public Library, you can join both in Library Elf to see all holds and loans in one place.

Please note that Library Elf is not a replacement for email messages you may already receive from Strathcona County Library, but a good secondary, consolidated source.

Who should use Library Elf?
If you are a busy family with multiple cards or if you’re an avid library user with memberships at multiple libraries, Library Elf is designed with you in mind.

How much does Library Elf cost?
Strathcona County Library subscribes to Library Elf, so the premium service is FREE to all SCL patrons.


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